Minecraft Cracked Servers List

Minecraft cracked servers list:




We are in the process of creating our own server for you guys to play on. Due to the lack of time and all of the emails asking about the best minecraft cracked servers, we decided it’s necessary to compose a list of the top servers. These are the ones that have been personally played on by us and have qualities that make them stand out from the rest. Check out the post on choosing a good minecraft server if you wish to know more.

Note that these servers are not using Hamachi. You do not need to use it to connect to any servers while using our minecraft crack.

Genesis Servers Survival

IP/Port: genesis-servers.no-ip.org:25565

Country: France

Uptime: Awesome!

Genesis Servers is a non PvP survival game-type server. Although the server is based in France it still has a lot of English speaking players. For a server based in Europe you would assume that your ping would be bad, but it isn’t the case. I have yet to have anything I’ve made on this server destroyed by someone with bad intentions. That’s a first!



Country: USA

Uptime: Decent!

GreekCraft is another cracked server that has a lot of fun things to do. This one made the cut due to its great PVP setup.  Most times on a PVP server you have someone that’s a lot better than you constantly killing you but this doesn’t happen on GreekCraft. With all of your blocks protected you can safely build bases without having to worry.


IP/Port: free.ccreation.org

Country: United States

Uptime: Great

Cuboid Creations is another awesome server to play on with a  great sense of community. A server that is not heavily modded, but very fun to play. The reason it is ranking so low on the list is the game type – RP. Although being an RP server isn’t a bad thing a majority of our users aren’t looking for role-playing minecraft servers. If you are thinking about trying one, give these guys a shot.

1. LooperGrounds 24/7 Cracked Server


Country: United States

Uptime: DOWN! :(

What was once a favorite server of ours has now disappeared. Their website states that there is “nothing here” and we have no idea where they went. Very unfortunate because this would have been our number one minecraft cracked server.

Stay tuned for out server that we will be releasing hopefully very soon! If not, play on the listed ones or go out and find some others. We would be happy to hear any recommendations that you have for the cracked server list.



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