Minecraft Torrent

Rather than using a minecraft crack, you can also download our minecraft torrent.

minecraft crack
Torrents are becoming a much more popular choice of download these days. With many seeders you can have awesome download speeds on our minecraft torrent. It’s quite simple, you download the .torrent file (which is generally going to be very small as it only contains the meta data for the tracker). From there you open the torrent file in your preferred client. We recommend using uTorrent as it’s our favorite! Doesn’t matter though, you can use any one that you want. It all boils down to your personal preferences, just find one that works for you.

So why would you want to use a minecraft torrent over any other method? Well there’s a few reasons that set it ahead of others. The primary option is the speed. You will find that with a torrent you can get download speeds that a limited http download can’t do. This is due to the direct peer to peer connection that is taking place. The more seeders, the faster it will go. As previously stated, our minecraft torrent has many seeders so it won’t take long for you to download, install, and get killing creepers!

Another advantage you have is the ability to help others download the game by seeding the files after you upload.  This will help other people who are downloading the same file to get the game faster. If your friends are downloading it you can start your torrent client and begin to seed the minecraft torrent to them, thus creating a faster and more smooth download experience. Often times you will find that there aren’t many seeders but a lot of leechers. These are people who have downloaded the game but are not returning the favor and paying it forward to those who want the game as well.

Fortunately for us, and yourself, the community here is great and everyone takes pride in doing their part to help seed the minecraft torrent and create a fast, streamlined download so that as many people as possible can experience and enjoy the game to it’s fullest extent.  If you simply wish to just download the game and get it over with, we offer a direct web download on the site which can be found from navigating to the download minecraft page.

The process is quite simple, which you should now know. A lot of people are weary about downloading torrents because it is something that they have never worked with or experienced and fear that it might be difficult or even harmful. There is absolutely no truth to this! You can make sure what you are downloading is safe by using an antivirus or by reading the comments/feedback left on torrent download sites.

On that notion, torrent websites often have huge communities built around them. Often times you will be able to find other people who are interested in the same thing that you are downloading. In this case, it is the minecraft torrent. By networking with other people who are downloading the same thing, you can make friends or find others to play with.

Using a torrent is not very difficult, but if you have never used one before or are still on the fence about it then you can simply download it via an internet browser. There is really no limiting factor to either one, but understanding the pro’s and con’s in any decision you make will always help you to choose the right decision. I would like to summarize both for you:


  • Much faster download speeds.
  • Ability to give back to others.
  • Sense of community, chance to meet people.
  • Get others feedback before downloading.


  • Can be confusing to someone who has never used them.
  • Must download external software.
  • Lots of rumours (not true!) about safety of torrents

minecraft crack


To be frank, the cons listed are hardly bad things at all. You can see that there is clearly a benefit to using a minecraft torrent. At the very least, take a shot at it. You will see why people have been using this method to download movies, tv shows, and obviously games. Not only the fact that people have been using it, but the fact they are still using it and more and more people are beginning to adapt.

The point of this page was not to make you stress out about which way you get minecraft. Quit worrying and just do it.  Once you start playing you will literally not be able to stop. Seriously, we should be putting a warning on the download page about how addicting it is.

Enjoy the game, kill some creeps and you can even use the contact form to get a hold of us and play together in game! After reading this we hope you are a lot more informed about our minecraft torrent we offer.

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